On the eve of Rock the Roof, I’ve realized that my invitations have exceeded 50 people. That being said, I hope and pray that we get about 300-400 people for our event, something that we have been focusing on for many weeks now and hoping that it turns out well.


For SigEp men, this is one of the most exciting days of the year. I can remember in years past that I have had so much fun at our event and we have raised a lot of money for our event, but that record can be broken and we can raise even more money.

I just wanted to make sure that before the event happens, I wanted to say how thankful I am for perspective. This year I joined IFC, and if you are not familiar with Greek life here at the University of Louisville, IFC stands for interfraternity council, which means that i am on the executive council of the board that oversees every fraternity. Without attempting to brag, that’s about 1,200 fraternity men. My job is simple, I’m the Public Relations guy. This just means that I’m in charge of spreading messages when it comes to Twitter, and Instagram, and Facebook, and all of that millennial stuff.


Basically, what this has done for me is granted me perspective. Before this year, I was all about SigEp and everything that could get us ahead. I didn’t know a ton of other fraternity men and I didn’t care to, because all that mattered to me was the well being and the reputation of SigEp.


Being on IFC, all of that has changed. I now see that every chapter is different and has different needs and succeeds in different ways. I see that some chapters excel at some things while other chapters aren’t good at those things. It’s a balance here at Louisville and I am grateful for that. The single greatest thing that I have gained from joining IFC is meeting people. Meeting people from different backgrounds who have different goals than I do, and who are a part of different chapters than I am.


Perspective is beautiful.


I couldn’t have asked for a better change of scenery than the one I was given this year.


IFC uofl


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