Tough Decisions Ahead Road Sign     As I come closer to finishing out my college career (I am currently a junior), I am starting to make decisions that will, to an extent, affect the rest of my life.

For starters, I have to pick whether, and where, I want to hold a summer job. As someone looking to work in sports, I’d like to work in a myriad of places, and a lot of those are outside of Louisville. I love the idea of traveling, as I’ve previously written about, and I love the idea of “finding myself” – sorry for the cliche – in another city in the summer.

Outside of this, I have to decide whether I want to spend the little money that I do have from my good job on a good, reliable car that I will use for the near future, or make do with my crappy 2000 Honda Civic that is falling apart from one end to the other.

Outside of THAT, myself and four of my friends are looking for a house to live in in the Fall, and that process alone is enough to make me want to tear my hair out. You see, I’ve been trying to figure out who I’m going to live with next year for the better part of 4 months, and the first attempt didn’t go so well.

And even further outside of all of that, I have to still worry about keeping my grades up (something that is even more of a struggle than normal this semester because of a rather unorganized ASL teacher), and this is just one of the many worries and decisions that is coming to a head.


post college


As someone who is pursuing a degree in sports, I am not necessarily staring down the barrel of a six-figure-paying job. That’s never really bothered me all that much, however.


And that brings me to the positives:


  1. I have a great support system of fraternity brothers, great friends, and the most supportive family I could ask for.
  2. I am very happy with my major of choice here at the University of Louisville (Sports Administration with a Communication minor), and I am very excited to look for an internship and a full time job in a field I am very passionate about.



3. I think I have a good resume. Objectively, since my major isn’t the strongest that it can be, I’ve filled a lot of my free time with extra curriculars that will only benefit me in the long run, including being in a fraternity, being the Athletic Director of my fraternity, being on IFC, being a member of the SAB concert committee, and so on and so forth.

To put it all simply: I have a lot of decisions coming my way. A lot of big decisions that will affect me for a decent amount of time in my near future. But, all things considered, I think I’m ready for it.

This is the college purgatory. The step in between being a “student” and being an adult and making adult decisions.


Heaven or hell await.


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